CONCEPT Life raised the bar by the outbreak of the coronavirus and pushed many more people to perform beyond their strengths. We all fight to overcome challenges; there are those who are the champions of the arena and there are those who are the champions of their everyday life. Adidas didn't only support athletes prepare for the Olympics, but in this campaign also ordinary people who overcome the challenges of life. In the “I’m Olympian” campaign anyone could  be a role model based on everyday performances to inspire others and give purpose in these unstable period of our life.

We created the symbol of the movement in the spirit of unity, solidarity and diversity

We motivated the fans who were drawn to our instagram page with heroic imagery that radiates strength and stability.


We teamed up with 24.HU to show athletes and famous people who can be inspirational boost for others. 

Three very different well-known people share their life success stories and the difficulties behind them on the bumpy covid road to give others a positive drive

With photographer Botond Wertan we created a series of campaign visuals, showing well-known athletes in their official Olympic attire.
adidas X Punnany Massif  | TOKIIIOOOOO 
In collaboration with the Punnany Massif, a insanely cool Olympic ode was also composed to motivate and uplift us in these coveted times, bringing together ordinary people with the champions of sport. We assigned Miki357 to direct the music video. Hello goosebumps!
Following the positive online boost, this element of the campaign was taken out into the real world, radiating power and pride. We took a series of photos with prominent runners and their coaches, which we then placed on the windows of the Adidas Runners' flagship store. In this way, all the people passing by the shop were able to get a little bit of the Olympic momentum to motivate them in their own lives.
During the Olympic Games, on our Instagram site we provided real-time coverage of the latest news and results concerning our country and our athletes.
We are proud of the fact that there have been occasions when we have broadcast Olympic news before the Hungarian Olympic Committee has published them, and there have even been times when they have taken material directly from us.
Ordinary people were asked to share in a post why they are Olympians, based on their personal achievements.  We held a prize draw for those who shared, and the winners received unique podium tops signed by national Olympians and famous athletes. This way, winners could wear the same as our nation's honoured athletes while cheering from home.
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