Campaign objective » The aim of the campaign is to further build the cheerful image of the market leader Royal vodka. Royal is known for its excellent value for money and excellent quality, which is a solid starting point for creating a modern brand image, one of the first steps of which is this commercial.
Insight and creative concept » The basic idea of the film is based on a consumer reality that is familiar to everyone who has already gone out to have fun with their friends: it is clear that we prepare for the party together, when we hear good music, we dance. It is clear that we understand each other even with half words and if there is a pool, there will be a jump.
MESSAGE » Since most people in Hungary choose Royal vodka when buying hard liquor* and almost all adults are familiar with Royal vodka, we found the truth that became the message of the commercial based on real consumer life situations:

Choosing Royal vodka for parties and gatherings with friends is as obvious as anything else that makes an evening spent having fun memorable. Because...

if it's vodka, it's Royal. Clear.

*Source: IWSR 2022. Hungarian spirits sales data.
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