CONCEPT » It was crazy! Crazy and a bit frustrating because to hit this campaign with precision, we had to go nuts. And as an advertiser, it's a huge challenge to find the hip language that your target audience wants even if you have to jump over a wide and scary age gap. And we tried and tried and tried to not sound like an advertiser who tries to find the hip language for the target group. Yeah bro! 

So for the product launch, we focused on really short form contents to kick start the brand, generate awareness and impressions. We created the contents as little sips of energy blasts with mixed, exciting language to give everybody the real TIGER-vibe they can be excited about. This is why we also  took special care to work with a young, responsive team closely connected to our main target audience. Our aim was to give that extra boost, either with music or with humour, that the younger generation felt cool and relevant to them.

We really got into being: 
and a bit
TVC ADAPTATION  It was originally an adaptation of the Poles’ TIGER tvc.  We had a lot of fun finding the right amount of power moments and create the best version that just roars the energy to the viewers (frankly, we have never seen such a fast television commercial in our lives). To properly transmit the brand’s dynamic vibration, we asked a young Hungarian rapper, Lil Frakk, to provide his voice for the commercial, chanting only 4 important words: 

The coolest thing about it is that our version became so successful
that other markets have also taken ours instead of the original one.
CLP CAMPAIGN​​​​​​​ When designing, the contrast in the material was important: on the one hand, there is a huge beauty-shot of the product, which is delighted by the water droplets, and on the other hand, a lightning bolt strikes this beautiful still life, energising it.
To add to this effect, we have calibrated the print materials so that the darkness of the graphic backgrounds contrasts with the city lights, so that the lighting jumps off the image plane, making the can extremely saturated.

Our greatest pride is that we were among the top in Hungary, as the dawn of a new era, to be one of the first brands to launch a channel with exceptionally high frequency in TikTok.  We have built up an ongoing, daily channel with around

20 unique TikTok videos
each month. 
On the Facebook besides the exciting and in a lot of ways relaxed daily posts we created extra prize draws, where we gave special TIGER connected prizes to the winners. 
A big favourite of ours was the prize draw on the 1th April, where the winner took home 1 bag of cement and two cartons of TIGER. 

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