CONCEPT » Actually, Benu is the most thoughtful... why? Because the company has put 10 years and a lots of consumer-focused improvements into making sure that people have a good experience when buying medicine. 
That's why we came up with our big idea.
“Caring well is not
an easy thing
to do"

is the message we wanted to deliver in the campaign of the BENU pharmacies’ 10th birthday. To really understand and convey it we walk around the BENU slogan - Trust. Care. Health. - savouring its words and deeper meaning. Pharma sector is not characterised by emotional advertising however useful it might be. So we aimed the max with that! 

The emotional connection in the film is achieved with dazzling, associative imagery, flowing lines of thought and a heart-warming, human tone. To enhance this visual impact, during the production of the short film we used several different technical solutions to create an immersive experience. The technical diversity also served to show the consumers of Benu that they are as unique and diverse as life itself. 

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